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★ In-character
☆ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Not averse, but also not great at initiating unless you're already a friend.
☆ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: You can go ahead and try, but Junior has a notable history of shying away from violence. If forced into an encounter, he's going to fight back with notable amounts of martial arts training.
☆ RELATIONSHIPS: Already seeing someone back home (Eudio)/in life (Little Hades) so be aware of complications. It might happen, though? He's a lover, not a fighter.
☆ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: Regular human in every aspect. Or, well, thinks he is more regular than he is.
☆ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Not a drop of magic on him, unless love = magic where you're from and then okay yeah. He's got a big ol' romantic love story.
☆ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Very healthy human male, with genetic alteration in his bloodline to make him better, stronger, faster. People like this are known as androids and Junior only recently learned he is one.
☆ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Don't ever tell him store-bought goods are as nice as homemade. :|!!

★ Out of character
☆ THREADHOPPING: By permission or during a low-tension thread is fine.
☆ FOURTHWALLING: What is the fourth wall for an OC?
☆ DO NOT WANT: I'm laid-back. Go for whatever, and I'll let you know if I have found something I actually do not want.
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Will Vega, Jr

An angel really just looking for some non-murderous demons to hang out with.

The whips and chains and torture devices aren't just for punishment, are they...?

Need someone to squish under my heel and call me their Lord and Master.

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Jun. 29th, 2016 10:33 pm
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Will "Junior" Vega (27)
Bakery owner in a small town back home. Open to cuddling with anyone but anything further and I'm very gay. Sorry ladies.

(Is this even right?)




Jun. 28th, 2016 11:18 pm
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AGE: 24
CONTACT: [ profile] biomagnet
CHARACTERS PLAYED: N/A (previously an OC)

NAME: Will Vega, Jr (Junior) )
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💀 Player
Name: DJ
Age: 24
Contact: [ profile] biomagnet
Characters in-game: Noah ([personal profile] demideific)

💀 Character
Heaven Transfer: Junior Vega )
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WILL VEGA, JR (ø months with Arcana)
Skills! )
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NAME: Will Vega, Jr. (Junior)
CANON: Original ("Near-Miss")
CANON POINT: In the mythical season two, where Junior finally knows about both the assassins and Felix's massive mutual crush.
AGE: 27

Everything else. )
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Kylo Ren (66) )

Poe Dameron (71) )

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Hux (34) )

Han (49) )

Rey (7) )

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For all those Kylo Ren players out there struggling with camrips, hopefully this will help pass the wait for home release.

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Name: DJ
Age: 23
Contact: aim psitaniums / eeveester{@} / [ profile] biomagnet
Other characters: Cain [Jacob Kane] ([personal profile] insertdadjoke), Casey Ramone ([personal profile] dragonaught)
Most recent AC: December 2015 check-in

Name: Will Vega, Jr ("Junior")
Canon: Original (Near Miss)
Canon point: A few months after moving back home.
Age: 26
Type: Original character.

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